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I'm Derek. I am a nerd. Principal Program Manager, Azure Core, Global Resiliency. Toots are my opinion and don't represent my company.

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Ass holes! work is here and it's not going anywhere. Companies that don't embrace remote work will be irrelevant sooner than later as talent votes with their feet.

Ass holes! pulling a I do about 1TB a WEEK through my home internet.

So excited to finally see finally, after almost 15 years of service, turning off the RDFE endpoints (Azure classic) in August!

Hey -

Find and hug your people. My very best friend just got laid off from today. God this sucks.

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Sleep well, America!

backed by the government are targeting U.S. water treatment plants and electrical grids, strategically positioning themselves within critical infrastructure systems to "wreak havoc and cause real-world harm to American citizens and communities," FBI Director Christopher Wray is expected to tell Congress Wednesday.”

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Hello everyone. I know that these are tough times for many people. If you derive value from the fediverse and have the means to do so, please consider donating to support your instance. Most instances rely on donations to pay the bills ( and friends cost over $3000/month to host).

Instructions on how to donate are generally available on your instance's "about" page (for example:

Also, I firmly believe that access to the fediverse should not be tied to one's ability to pay, and I think it's even more important for those in difficult situations to maintain the social connections that the fediverse provides, so (at least in my view) donations are welcome, but not required in any way.

And for those people who already donate, my hats off to you. You make the fediverse possible. Emoji blobheartcat

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It’s a great day in the ! If you are a org just joining the vibrant community, make sure to your profile (org and individuals) at Also a great place to the thousands that have already joined! Bonus - weekly stats dashboard! Look forward to seeing you there!

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Americans: please give us an affordable, practical, small EV with decent range

American car companies: here’s a $70,000 EV truck that weighs 6 tons lol

<zero EV trucks are sold>

American car companies: wow americans aren’t ready for EVs

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After two contests in the 2024 GOP presidential primaries, Trump has 20 bound delegates versus 91 indictment counts.

I think it’s about time for Liz to step into the fray.

That was unexpected, and welcome. A remarkably cogent response from a otherwise steaming pile of…oh never mind.

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V WaPo:
Science is revealing why American politics are so intensely polarized

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The kids were guessing the ingredients of my stroganoff sauce.

Thinking about salt, I gave them a hint: "It's very small, you can't see it, but it's present in almost all food."

Said the 7yo: "Microplastics!"

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Have I Been Pwned has added almost 71 million email addresses associated with stolen accounts in the Naz.API dataset to its data breach notification service.

Dearest types relying on the we run at The Doodle Project. How are things? Need anything?

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The White House website ( runs on WordPress. The site presents the content on the latest bills, legislation, statements, and more.

Why haven't they setup yet?

For that matter, have any of these powered sites setup AP yet?

The Next Web
Time Magazine
CNN Press Room
Microsoft News
TED Blog
The Harvard Gazette
Reader’s Digest

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I. Don’t. Care. You adapt for a change.

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Massive new $11 billion project could revolutionize US power grid: ‘What’s amazing … is the speed of deployment’

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I saw this meme on the Titter site and.. I'm seen!

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In separate legal rulings, Trump has been found to have committed rape, business fraud, and insurrection.

And yet he remains the Republican presidential front runner.

Don't ever tell me again that the GOP is the party of "family values" or "law and order."

If you know, you know

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✨ Parental Controls + @pixelfed

A comprehensive and user-friendly way for parents to manage their children's online experience on the platform.

Funded by @NGIZero

Shipping Soon! 🔥