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Elk is being promoted in the Microsoft Store this week! If you're a Windows user, leave us a rating or review for Elk there! It would help new users visiting the product page when evaluating whether to try Elk (and/or @Mastodon) for the first time! ūüß°

A big shoutout to the MS Store team for making this happen! ūüôĆ

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Testing a new sign up flow. Magical things to come!

Well, that was weird, we just restarted the main instance after a flood of errors came through - maybe some junk traffic that we weren't properly handling. All appears well. Holler if anything seems amiss!

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Periodic reminder that @jerry also maintains Lemmy (Reddit replacement) instance where I moderate exploit development link aggregation community aiming to collect the most juicy technical links on vulnerability research, reverse engineering and exploit writing. Come join us!

It's a great day in the ! We've got stable services for you as you join in. Moving servers is no problem here! We've got , , , and compatible feeds. Visit to learn more!

Here's an update to our post two days ago regarding our initial vibes about Threads by Meta. As we continue to learn more, we'll keep updating. The graphic below represents DuckDuckGo's analysis of what this app is doing on your phone. If unchanged, this app represents a veritable Hoover Vacuum of spying and tracking. Forget our semi-competing product for a moment - this is like shockingly bad. Apple and Android should pull the app from the store. Please keep your children far away from this.

Excited to announce that our server upgrade completed and we're now running the latest and greatest of the great . From here on out, you'll need to leverage one of the many great compatible apps to interact with the server as the web UX is now dedicated to providing a great landing space for our dedicated domains and highlighting the local feed. We are particularly fond of @elk and works great with

Good morning ! We're going down for a few minutes RIGHT NOW to patch the security update. Back in a few.

Yikes! We love the traffic, but hold on to your rears my , we're going down for an oh crap right now across all services for a router swap (datacenter melting).

If you're a new , welcome, we hope you'll stick around! It really is so much better over here :) If you've not yet settled into a new community, we'd love to have you over at! We've got (compatible), , , , and / coming soon! Safe, moderated, well integrated open services brought to you by :)

A good article from Bark about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it impacts our kids. The Doodle Project uses and recommends Bark (no affiliation/compensation). We can help, just let us know! (it's particularly touchy about iOS devices).

It's a great day in the ! For our users of main instance, big update coming soon. For an idea of what's coming, please check out the Takahe blog announcement. The interface change is mostly related to the web app. Really excited about this update as it brings even more power to our multi-domain support. All your mobile apps will work the same. We'll provide more details on our upgrade in the coming day or so.

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"Advertisers are returning to Twitter after Linda Yaccarino calmed fears over content moderation. But now brands like Disney, Microsoft, and the NBA have ads placed next to neo-Nazi propaganda."

Well, this is fun! Data center hiccup impacting most services. We'll be back shortly!

Good morning ! Seeing a report of problems following accounts from We're not seeing any errors in the logs but are watching closely and will let you know if we find something amiss!

Did you know it only takes about 10 minutes to configure PiHole for Home? 10 minutes to protect your family from some of the worst things on the internet. 10 minutes to speed up your browsing by blocking ads/trackers/spyware. 10 minutes for piece of mind! No tech knowledge required, we help you set it up and keep you informed. Secure your home network today with The Doodle Project's PiHole for Home service. $5 a month, 10 minutes of your time.

It's a great day in the . The ecosystem continues to grow. Come and be yourself! Currently working on getting up and running ( compat). Private testing for almost complete, holler if you'd like to join early!

We're getting ready to take the wraps off our instance for the . If you're interested in helping us test, please reach out to @derek

It's a great day on the ! Free services abound and small monthly fee for "authenticated yourself" available

Such progress!
The Ourselves.Space Ecosystem: (this site ala Twitter/Mastodon) (Instagram/Pixelfed) (Generic Blogs/WriteFreely) Reviews/Bookwrym)

Coming Soon:

Join us on - a place to be ourselves.

Just a few more days until summer season kicks off! Make sure to do it safely with tools from The Doodle Project. From our family internet filter (PiHole for Home), our Family IT Team to make sure you're well protected and configured, to our family friendly social media services to replace Insta/FB/Twitter and more and, we've got you covered. Tell us how you're doing and let us know your questions. The Doodle Project - Connect. Safer.

We're ( / are delighted to support @takahe and building a great community of "bring your own domain" instances to the . To learn more, visit

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Post pinning is now in and working thanks to @christof - plus we've got some compatability fixes in for mentions, bot accounts, and more. 0.9 soon!

Y’all wouldn’t believe how awesome it is to have FB/Insta/Twitter without ads. Sound too good to be true? It's real. No ads. No tracking. Come, be yourself at A service provided by The Doodle Project to help families connect safer.