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Delighted to announce that inbound migrations are now supported for custom domains AND the community. Come, be yourself at, and bring your own domain if you like. for more!

Attention types! and all related internal services will be going offline for a few minutes for an upgrade! compat services impacted. services unaffected.

Today, for the first time in several months, we had to upgrade the infrastructure at! (that's a good thing!) We're continuing to see small but steady growth across all of the platform ecosystems. Our endpoints include , , (compatible), , and . We're small, moderated, and you can bring your own domain (to the mastodon endpoint) for a small monthly fee. Check us out at for more!

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Been hearing whispers all weekend, some from people who I'd *definitely* listen to, of a remote execution 0day in the Signal desktop and possibly also mobile app. Mitigation is supposedly to disable link previews (under settings->chats).

I have no more details. What I've heard doesn't completely make sense, but disabling link previews should be at worst harmless and seems prudent until this is clarified.

Whoopsie! is having a moment. Please stand by.

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✨ Explore software versions, sort software servers by domain, mau, user and status counts

Now available!

Today is a GREAT day to not have to run your own server. You can bring your own domain to our multi-domain supported ecosystem. Come, be yourself at! Powered by The Doodle Project and the outstanding OSS @[email protected].

Earlier today, our registrar had a bit of an issue (still trying to figure out what). That took down the entire ecosystem. We’re working on increasing redundancy where we can. This happened at the registrar level, so, improvement here may take a bit.

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If you are a Chrome user, you've probably been been opted-in to Google's enhanced tracking system without any warning.

Chrome's newest update pretends to provide users "Enhanced ad privacy", but actually enrolls Chrome users into a new trackings system.

To disable Google's "advanced" ad tracking, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Ad Privacy and disable all three options there (Ad Topics, Site-suggested Ads, and Ad Measurement).

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Network alert - services getting a teeny patch right now. You may see a hiccup!

A bit strange - we just had an outage on our main proxy server. Back up, but unacceptable. Going to do some research to see what was cooking. Apologies for the inconvenience. Total outage was ~11 minutes.

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update: We've been whitelisted on thedoodleproject relay and joining 400+ other instances in federation.


Tooting along in the is just so much better than the other place. My mental health has been materially better since I disconnected from that place in November. If you're still on the fence, join us over here on, it's a great place to be!

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i knew it wasn't a good idea...

I'll take "this is why we don't allow our kids to have phones in their rooms" for $100 Alex.

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If you want your local media outlets to open fedi accounts, maybe post links to their stories, so the people monitoring site stats see incoming traffic from here.

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me too buddy

Hi - anyone willing to work with our company on proposing a PR to to add scanning feature for inbound messages to help prevent the scourge of ? We're not developers, but might be able to help fund/promote a type of hook/API call or maybe even a PhotoDNA account for smaller instances to use that helps auto report to ... reach out if interested.
Give us a boost for reach?

It's a great day to not run your own instance - join for free, or, for a small monthly fee, bring your own domain to the fediverse without running a server: for more!

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Elk is being promoted in the Microsoft Store this week! If you're a Windows user, leave us a rating or review for Elk there! It would help new users visiting the product page when evaluating whether to try Elk (and/or @Mastodon) for the first time! 🧡

A big shoutout to the MS Store team for making this happen! 🙌

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Current mood

Testing a new sign up flow. Magical things to come!

Well, that was weird, we just restarted the main instance after a flood of errors came through - maybe some junk traffic that we weren't properly handling. All appears well. Holler if anything seems amiss!

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Periodic reminder that @jerry also maintains Lemmy (Reddit replacement) instance where I moderate exploit development link aggregation community aiming to collect the most juicy technical links on vulnerability research, reverse engineering and exploit writing. Come join us!

It's a great day in the ! We've got stable services for you as you join in. Moving servers is no problem here! We've got , , , and compatible feeds. Visit to learn more!