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Notice of Intent to Retire Ecosystem

Please note that on or before July 1, 2024, the ecosystem will no longer be available on the fediverse. This includes:

6. multi-domain support

This does NOT impact other fediverse related services that The Doodle Project operates including the activitypub relay mastodon-relay.thedoodleprojec) or

All users are advised to migrate their content as soon as possible to avoid disruption.

Hey friends! Make sure you get verified using our free service at Takes just a few minutes and comes with great perks like weekly traffic stats for your account and great visibility with the largest open repository of news on the ! Give us a boost!

@lastwordonsport Okay, I’ve verified you! You should get a DM from me (the bot) in a bit to update your profile so you can drop the link in for the verification label. Let me know!

@lastwordonsport My guess is that your OAuth credential on your instance is still valid which makes sense. Assuming you didn’t get an error when you clicked log in to my mastodon server and it took you to the page to fill out that form, go ahead and hit submit!

@lastwordonsport Ahhh - interesting, okay, that one is gone now too

@lastwordonsport Okay, log out of your session with and close/reopen your browser. Then, go in a start again with Login, enter your mastodon server URL, authorize it, and it “should” let you claim your profile. Send me screenshot before you hit save and I’ll make sure nothing wonky happening on our side? (You appear to have found a previously unknown bug!)

@lastwordonsport Oh! Looks like we didn’t get things quite cleaned up like I thought. Is this your current/new one or old one:

@lastwordonsport :( I am so sorry! Looking into this now. One moment please.

@lastwordonsport Okay, I’m going to delete your existing account and let’s have you recreate just to be sure everything is working clean. Should be gone in about 90 seconds.

@lastwordonsport @jeff Greetings! I did mark your account as verified, but I am wondering if the move you performed isn’t being liked within the system. Wanna try this? Go ahead and recreate your account with the new information and we’ll remove the old one.

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Apple’s biggest open source projects, Swift and WebKit, continue to regularly post on Twitter, and have no active presence on Mastodon.

@w7voa Cruel and unusual punishment…for being female :(

Back and rolling!

Good afternoon ! Doing some maintenance on Outage expected for ~30 minutes!

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Delighted to announce that inbound migrations are now supported for custom domains AND the community. Come, be yourself at, and bring your own domain if you like. for more!

…aaaaand we’re back!

Attention types! and all related internal services will be going offline for a few minutes for an upgrade! compat services impacted. services unaffected.

@danielmrose - want to continue tinkering with it, or should I go ahead and disable? I wish there were a better mechansim for searches. Granted, the only "blocker" here is when people search you by name - (user)(at)( The rest of the ecosystem works fine, ie, people can follow you, they just will see your service domain in your username instead of your domain. :(

@VModifiedMind Stupid L’s!

@VModifiedMind FFS lol - appreciate it

@danielmrose Yeah, those are pretty standard items, but unfortunately not quite what we’re looking for. Perhaps has a feature to override the .well-known endpoints? I suspect not since is ALSO a fediverse endpoint.

@danielmrose Ahhh - yes, that makes good sense. Fingers crossed they have some sort of redirect option!

@danielmrose OOOOooooo - so, funny story - Wordpress has built in mastodon compatibility now. Are you familiar with that solution and would it meet your needs?