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Delighted to announce that inbound migrations are now supported for custom domains AND the community. Come, be yourself at, and bring your own domain if you like. for more!

…aaaaand we’re back!

Attention types! and all related internal services will be going offline for a few minutes for an upgrade! compat services impacted. services unaffected.

@danielmrose - want to continue tinkering with it, or should I go ahead and disable? I wish there were a better mechansim for searches. Granted, the only "blocker" here is when people search you by name - (user)(at)( The rest of the ecosystem works fine, ie, people can follow you, they just will see your service domain in your username instead of your domain. :(

@VModifiedMind Stupid L’s!

@VModifiedMind FFS lol - appreciate it

@danielmrose Yeah, those are pretty standard items, but unfortunately not quite what we’re looking for. Perhaps has a feature to override the .well-known endpoints? I suspect not since is ALSO a fediverse endpoint.

@danielmrose Ahhh - yes, that makes good sense. Fingers crossed they have some sort of redirect option!

@danielmrose OOOOooooo - so, funny story - Wordpress has built in mastodon compatibility now. Are you familiar with that solution and would it meet your needs?

@danielmrose By chance do you have the ability to set a DNS redirect (not a CNAME) at your domain provider?

Today, for the first time in several months, we had to upgrade the infrastructure at! (that's a good thing!) We're continuing to see small but steady growth across all of the platform ecosystems. Our endpoints include , , (compatible), , and . We're small, moderated, and you can bring your own domain (to the mastodon endpoint) for a small monthly fee. Check us out at for more!

@danielmrose - if you're interested in trying it out, I'd love to work with you on it. No charge till we get it working and that will help our future clients in similar situation! I've been looking for a volunteer to break the need for the .well-known thing for a while. Holler if you like!

@danielmrose Shouldn’t matter - as long as you have control of the domain and can set a file on /.well-known/… should be good. There’s alternatives if we need if that’s not an option, just a bit more complicated.

@danielmrose Nope, no subdomain needed, we just stick a small file in the .well-known location.

Yes, I am talking to you on Mona right now :)

No followers move supported still (sad), but we can import users via standard tools.

@danielmrose Very much so! How can I help ya?

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Been hearing whispers all weekend, some from people who I'd *definitely* listen to, of a remote execution 0day in the Signal desktop and possibly also mobile app. Mitigation is supposedly to disable link previews (under settings->chats).

I have no more details. What I've heard doesn't completely make sense, but disabling link previews should be at worst harmless and seems prudent until this is clarified.

Sorry - I meant! (sheepish grin) - but is welcome too! :)

Sorry - I meant! (sheepish grin) - but is welcome too! :)

@VModifiedMind The Cloudflare site proxy settings were overriding the A records that we’d set, which was expected, however, we couldn’t change them because of an account issue that had to be tweaked. Not too technically interesting, but the lesson for us there was that we need additional redundancy on the upstream side of the network.

We’re back! My deepest apologies to my friends. We're looking in to what we can do better to make sure that's a smoother ride next time DNS goes sideways. resumes!

We’re continuing to reach out to Cloudflare to get an update as to what the issue is. We’d rotate off the nameservers, but they can only be changed once every 24 hours. Apologies and please do bear with us.

@meredithw An old Adobe Photoshop expression hehehe

It’s ALWAYS DNS. Standing by for the matrix to unglitch

Just an FYI, there’s a DNS propagation issue in flight for our with Please stand by while we reticulate the splines.

Whoopsie! is having a moment. Please stand by.